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Black Mark was founded in 1991 by Börje Forsberg, a well known producer of different styles of music with over thirty years in the business. Early on, the ambition was to gather good quality metal of all sorts and in the process, Black Mark became the very label for young Scandinavian and European metal bands. Originally based in European metropolis Berlin, later on with offices in Stockholm, Toronto and New York etc.
Black Mark today, is a world wide operating business, placed in Villa Hammerheart, Bruzaholm, Sweden.

Swiftly expanding beyond Scandinavia and Europe, on to the U.S. and Canadian territories, and the rest of the world, Black Mark became synonymous with fresh, talented and innovative young metal bands. Some of these young acts were so critically acclaimed, they began to head a field of their own.
Today, bands like Edge of Sanity, Cemetary Lake of TearsMorgana Lefay, Necrophobic, Nightigale, Bathory, Oz, Memento Mori and Fleshcrawl are regarded as leading acts.

Veterans of Black Metal and founders of Death Metal, legendary act Bathory, was tied to Black Mark right from the start. All previous Bathory albums being released for the very first time in the CD format by Black Mark. Since the start, all releases from this legendary act has been a Black Mark release, including their three 10th and 15th anniversary Jubileum volumes.

Throughout the years, Black Mark has always been able to deliver exciting new metal of all sorts, making damn sure not to lock onto one single sound or style, Black Mark has always been able to reach metal fans of all brands and all over the world. May it be in Europe, in the U.S.A., Canada or in the far Eastern territories like Japan and South Korea. Either on tour or during the many successful Black Mark-festivals all over Europe, visited by MTV on all occasions, the bands on the Black Mark label has been able to take their music beyond their wildest dreams.

Several leading figures in the many Black Mark bands, has been given free hands to develop their own personal style and to explore their artistic domains in the form of solo albums. Both highly acclaimed Dan Swanö, of Edge of Sanity fame, and Quorthon, the mastermind of Bathory, have produced their own innovative solo albums. Only further proof of Black Mark’s intention and ambition to keep metal fresh and interesting.

But the stream of fresh and young blood doesn’t end there. The start of the much appreciated Out Of The Box – series, a number of compilation albums, insofar three having seen the light of day, each allowing 12 debuting bands a shot at the market, guarantees the continent flow of innovative new metal of all sounds and styles. Many of the debuting bands such as Apostasy, Lothlorien, and Southfork have released full length CD’s of their own on the Black Mark label.

Bathory released 2001 the long awaited new studio album “Destroyer Of Worlds”, same year once again Lake Of Tears kicked the world with the new album “THE NEONAI”, the great session Nordland I and Nordland II was beside the digipack formated CD even released on Vinyl 2003 and 2004, before the first complete Bathory vinyl issue ever came to release.
An overwhelming success which lead to many vinyl re-issues in the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and still 2007 Black Mark does feel through the Bathory fans it wasn´t vinyl enough when now releasing the Bathory discography as picture discs.
More stations: -The release of the BOX ”IN MEMORY OF QUORTHON” to mind the passing of the mastermind Quorthon in June 2004.

In 2011 the BOX ”IN MEMORY OF QUORTHON” will be relased as a Vinyl Box and Edge Of Sanity’s albums as colored Vinyl.

– Black Mark was going for downloads in 2008.

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