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KATALOG - the 1984-2001 catalogue of a legend.
The favorite tracks of the fans all on one mid price CD.
From the raw and primitive Death Metal of the silftitled debute back in 1984, to the majestic track "Lack of Fire" off their most recent release "Destroyer of Worlds".
Only available from the Black Mark Web Shop. A must to every die hard BATHORY fan.
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Destroyer Of Worlds Lake Of Fire Bathory Armageddon
This basic and earshattering full-length debut album from 1984 originated Death Metal as a genre and brought BATHORY to the world. So simple yet so legendary!
The Return Possessed The second release from 1985 was a dark Black Metal styled album, so uncanny even Kerrang magazine felt it necessary to entitle it the most evil record of all time! They were probably right...
Under The Sign of the Black Mark Enter The Eternal Fire Time for a slight change in style. Acoustic guitars, backing vocals and innovative arrangements. To this day, this highly influential album from 1986, is the favourite record of many BATHORY fans.
Blood Fire Death Odens Ride Over Nordland/A Fine Day To Die A brave leap into new BATHORY land. With larger than life arrangements and tons of sound effects, this album from 1987 had a first taste of that Nordic atmosphere yet mixes it with the most brutal of brutalities.
Hammerheart One Rode To Asa Bay The cold waves clashing up against burning shores. The sword forged in fire and ice. Hammered out in 1989, this album is Viking metal made in Viking land. So Nordic even Oden himself is proud of this one.
Twilight of the Gods Prologue/Twilight of the Gods/Epilogue Heavily influenced by Wagner and Germanic mythology, no wonder this album from 1991 sounded as if the very twilight of all was imminent. Multifaceted arrangements and a sound so big it could crumble mountains.
Requiem Distinguish To Kill A request by the fans of the more brutal side of BATHORY brought about this album. Every track dealt with death of one sort or the other. This skull and bones encrusted release from 1994, is so basic and pure death, it not only smelled the sweet smell of burning flesh, but also contrasted heavily against the epic releases of previous years.
Octagon War Supply BATHORY’s re-found love for power and brutality continued onto this album from 1995. A first in that it deals with modern topics, it is a crossover styled release offering a brutal yet clean cut of that jugular vein. Blood On Ice Woodwoman The much-talked about theme album recorded over a great span of years. Released in 1996 it instantly gained infamy in the hearts of the BATHORY fans. To your very bone you can feel the cold of the northern wind throughout this record. A masterpiece!

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